General Information

The School is a part of the CERN – SEENET – ICTP additional PhD program, launched in 2015. The main idea is to create an opportunity for a number of PhD students and young researchers from the SEENET-MTP countries (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, Turkey, Moldova, Greece, Montenegro and Ukraine), as well as other countries; Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia etc to participate in a high-level School in this region.

The purpose of the School is to improve the students’ and young researchers’ knowledge in the scientific fields of the event. Each of the lecturers will give up to four lectures, each lasting 60 minutes, starting from an introductory level and then gradually approaching an advanced research level. These lectures will be followed by tutorials/exercises and discussions.

This School is a part of the 2nd Cycle of the joint CERN – SEENET-MTP – ICTP PhD Training program, following the previous two: Ioannina 2019 and Craiova 2020. The 1st Cycle schools were: Belgrade 2015, Bucharest 2015, Timisoara 2016, Sofia 2017, Niš 2018. There were several successful schools before the CERN-SEENET PhD training program as, for instance, SSSCP2009 and BS2011.

Latest news

  • Information about the School diner is available here.
  • The lecturer’s presentations are available on the “Materials” page.
  • Venue: Faculty of Physics, (Studentski trg 12, same building as yesterday), room 644 (3rd floor); close to the Coffee Break (the opposite side of the corridor).
  • Registration and first day talks of the CERN – SEENET-MTP – ICTP School Gravitation, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (BS2022) will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics (Studentski trg 16), room 718 (IV floor).
  • We would like to inform the SEENET-MTP School participants that they can join the cruise on the Danube and on the Sava River that will take place on September the 4th from 16h to 18h and it will be free of charge for all School participants!
    The students interested in this cruise has to be at 15:15 at the Parking of Hotel Jugoslavia, where they will be picked up by Dr. Marjan Cirkovic. The cruise on the river will take place on from 15:30 to 17:30 h.
    The School participants can also take part in a guiding tour from Hotel Jugoslavia till Gardos (Zemun) from 18h till 20h.